5DnBIM Technology Birthday

5DnBIM Technology is established today . The enterprise philosophy is SMART BUILDING SMART FACTORY SMART CITY[details]

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Sansui-Shibing Expressway opens to traffic in Guizhou

application of building information modeling (BIM), the construction contractor overcame complicated[details]

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China, new growth market for Ireland's seafood exports

on Sunday. The report, prepared by BIM (Irish Sea Fisheries Board in English), a state agency[details]

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Testing and Certification Union, in its application of BIM. The center has also won multiple design awards[details]

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Xi'an Olympic Sports Center receives inspection

stadium in Northwest China. The project also established the Building Information Modeling (BIM) studio[details]

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Construction of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center goes smoothly

stand technology, and full professional BIM management. This has further accelerated the[details]

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Look before you leap with smart building model

the report brings in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and recommends expanding its adoption for[details]

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Fuzhou progresses in VR town construction

The BDIP, the first building information modeling platform (BIM) in Fujian, began operations in[details]

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Big data contributes to Pudong's smart city construction

Shanghai's Pudong New Area announced the inauguration of a data engineering center and BIM & 3DGIS[details]

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Tianjin launches BIM technological alliance to control haze

A Tianjin BIM Technological Alliance has been established at the Tianjin Architecture Design[details]

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The power from below

modeling (BIM) - an international digital representation of physical and functional characteristics[details]

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Blueprints for greater success in the future

to research building information modeling (BIM) technology and the Shanghai Tower represents the[details]

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Droning on for science

consumer and commercial circles. Wong is senior BIM/AEC technology manager of Gammon Construction[details]

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A makeover in progress

millions to do research on building information modeling (BIM) six years ago. The Shanghai Tower is the[details]

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French nuclear firm stands by Chinese partners

Andrew Shepherd, senior power and renewables analyst at BIM Research. Because nuclear power plants take[details]

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Quake survivors face daunting rehab

Poor infrastructure, insufficient skilled staff challenge recovery efforts Eight hours after Bim[details]

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